• Mutate To Survive 35

    It’s too bad she won’t live, but then again who does? ... more
  • Mutate To Survive 34

    Everything looked pale in the moonlight. Devoid of value, meaning or direction, even the shadows were indistinct. I stubbed o... more
  • Mutate To Survive 33

    The futurescape is edging closer From the darkness comes light From science comes knowledge From music comes enlightenment. ... more
  • Mutate To Survive 32

    The Cosmos awaits us. We travel through space towards infinity. Seeking Knowledge & Life. ... more
  • Mutate To Survive 31

    Pattrix Dynamic Seed EP We explore the space between the spaces. The beats between the beats. We fight our deepest fears and ... more
  • Mutate To Survive 30

    Remote Viewer – Dust Particles EP The Remote Viewer looks on from a distance He studies and waits Then he makes his mov... more
  • Mutate To Survive 29

    Mutate To Survive 29
    The Frozen Cloud EP by Pattrix is the first release from us in about 3 years. This is the start of something wonderful. A jou... more