• MTS 43

    Out Now!!! on @Mutate to Survive This amazing E.P. from Paris based Elephantmat features huge 360ยบ soundscapes over techno a... more
  • MTS 042

    From the heart of Japan comes the Left Hand Sound System. It doesn’t know what the Right Hand Sound System is doing. En... more
  • Mutate To Survive 41

    Henry Cullen is a man. He writes techno that is sometimes dark sometimes hard sometimes soft and sometimes scary. This E.P. c... more
  • Mutate To Survive 40

    We are all members of the cosmic family. ... more
  • Mutate To Survive 38

    It was a moment of blind panic, then extreme pleasure as we dropped toward the horizon. ... more
  • Mutate To Survive 37

    Melodies enlighten our lives, drums lift our spirits. ... more
  • Mutate To Survive 36

    We take the path less traveled. There is no easy road, but we leave a trail. ... more
  • Mutate To Survive 35

    It’s too bad she won’t live, but then again who does? ... more
  • Mutate To Survive 34

    Everything looked pale in the moonlight. Devoid of value, meaning or direction, even the shadows were indistinct. I stubbed o... more
  • Mutate To Survive 33

    The futurescape is edging closer From the darkness comes light From science comes knowledge From music comes enlightenment. ... more